Artificial intelligence smartphone story from the City of London [movie script screenplay]
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spy sci-fi light thriller written on smartphone

     Hello, thanks for visiting BlackAssistant. The artificial intelligence smartphone-with-personality story I wrote is about adventures of Smartman - a BYOD hero of our probable future. I travel a lot and some day just started doing it because there are three essential questions in life of each one of us. The first one is: "What am I?" - and this volume of the whole story tries to say something crucial about unique intelligent personal assistant. BTW, sorry about language, if you find it could be somewhere more flexible. Please, take into account two things: on the one hand BlackAssistant is not a classic novel; on the other hand I'm not an English native speaker.

     I've been living and working in London. I moved to the UK because of my education, because of my profession and because of the European Union. I'm professional in development strategies, awarded with i.a. "The best in Corporate Social Responsibility". I'm also keen on AI and mobile technologies and I'm full of respect for People who made our World much more friendly than it was years years ago. This is what I am, in direct relation to my own life. Answers for other two questions: "Where am I from?" & "Who am I supposed to be?" - pending... BlackAssistant is my only private after-hours project, so it does need a bit of time to be carried out.

Kind regards, Roman Mazur MBA

P.s. you've got right to write to me: - but, please, let me response only when it is really needed. No spam, please. All interesting co-opertion offers to the same e-mail address, please. Regards, RM

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